Expression Basics

Expressions are hard to learn. You find that perfect bit of code on Creative Cow only to realize it doesn't work in your project. You google your problem to find a confusing answer on Stack Overflow.

This course breaks down expressions into their fundamental components, building a solid foundation that will help you the code that you write.

By the end of the course you'll have everything you need to be confident solving problems with expressions, no copy pasting needed!

Lessons in this course

  1. What are expressions?

    In this post you'll learn what expressions are and how to add them to a property in After Effects.

  2. Intro to Data Types

    An introduction to data types in After Effects Expressions.

  3. Variables

    Learn how to store and use values in expressions using JavaScript variables.

  4. Statement Completion Values

    Learn what statement completion values are and how they control what value your expression evaluates to.

  5. Conditions

    Learn how to make decisions in your expressions by learning how to use JavaScript conditionals and logical operators.

  6. Referencing Layers and Compositions

    Learn how to reference the properties of other layers and compositions in After Effects expressions.

  7. Objects

    Learn how to use JavaScript objects to improve your After Effects expression writing.

  8. Native Attributes

    Learn how to find and use the native attributes of After Effects compositions and layers.

  9. Functions

    Level up your After Effects expressions by learning how to encapsulate sections of code in JavaScript functions.

  10. Native Methods

    Learn about the functions built into After Effects objects, which are known as native attributes.

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